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Le Vian® Jewelers developed its roots in America in the 1950s with Abdulrahim LeVian.    Today, his sons, daughters and extended family, each of whom hold a vital role in building Le Vian® to its current stature in the fine jewelry industry.

Mr. LeVian :   Mr. Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian was born in 1922 in the Ancient City of Mashad, Persia and grew to become the founder of the Le Vian® Company in the United States in 1950 which operates as a multinational business.  His foresight, business savvy and work ethics were unparalleled.  His business genius made him a leader in several fields of gemstones in the marketplace during his life including Turquoise and Tanzanite.  He was widely known as the “King of Turquoise” in the 70’s and 80’s and as the “World Leader in Tanzanite” in the 90’s.  He pioneered the extension of the Le Vian® lines into the Couture and the popular price markets while advocating the family’s eternal quest for quality and value.

Le Vian initiated the “Chocolate Diamonds®” brand in the year 2000

Chocolate Diamonds :   Inspired by their history as guardians of the royal jewels, Le Vian became fascinated by the natural color brown diamonds from Australia, which were long perceived by jewelers as lower quality. While it is true that there exists a high percentage of low clarity/ poor color brown diamonds, there is a small percentage, less than 5%, which are, in actuality, more beautiful and rarer than their colorless white counterpart; in fact, 10,000 times rarer.

It is this select group of diamonds that enticed Le Vian who recognized the value and rarity of the higher color and clarity natural brown diamonds which were unfairly grouped with the lower quality stones thus resulting in lower pricing. It is no surprise that Le Vian was the first to appreciate and pave the way for natural color brown diamonds. Le Vian’s commitment to the consumer is its creativity and its passion, a culture of innovation that was established long before, a desire to provide original designs that offer its clients a variety of choices in which to find their own unique look.